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Testimonials From Our Clients

“Ms. Malik has represented my partner and I in a commercial litigation matter. Ms. Malik was exactly what we were looking for in this matter. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She was interested in creating a great defense, and ultimately a win for us as her clients. Ms. Malik did her due diligence first, and applied the law perfectly. For us personally, we were looking for a smart but aggressive attorney that was going to treat us fairly. I have and will continue recommend her to anyone looking for a true litigator with a true knowledge of business. I would highly recommend you call  Ms. Malik before making any decisions  regarding the most important decision in litigation or a transaction, which is for me, the selection of an attorney.” Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Restaurant Business, Small Business, FLSA federal matter client

Ms. Malik represented me through a very difficult time in my life. I had to fight for custody and visitation with my children in a post divorce matter and her guidance and legal abilities were invaluable during this challenging process. She represented me with compassion, her in depth knowledge of the law and her excellent court room and motion writing skills. Her abilities in a contentious hearing were instrumental in helping me obtain my desired resolution and her skills during direct and especially cross examination were incredible. She made the time to understand the complex facts of my case and fought for me with passion, sincerity and intelligence. If you are facing a legal fight you need her on your side Pankaj is definitely the expert attorney you need on your side.” Matrimonial, child custody, Post Judgment proceeding, Appellate work, trial representation and State Court representation

Without the help of Ms. Malik and her entire team, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. Ms. Malik took on an extremely difficult case and worked tirelessly to make sure it was presented perfectly. She has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire lengthy process. Her thorough research provided us the pathway we needed to victory. I will only recommend Ms. Malik and her law firm as I am proud to be a client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands.” State Court and Appellate Court litigation matter

“My experience with Ms. Malik and her law firm was excellent. She gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful in court. She was a calming and confident presence during very difficult court proceedings. I never once was treated as anything other than a valuable client and I very much appreciate the knowledge and support I received through her firm.” Business and corporate advice and representation

Thank you Pankaj Malik and team!

I cannot praise Pankaj and her team enough for their outstanding immigration legal services. From the moment I approached them with my immigration filings, they demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and dedication.

Pankaj and her team’s responsiveness stood out to me. They were always prompt in addressing my concerns and questions, providing clarity and guidance throughout the process. Their attention to detail and diligence ensured that every aspect of my immigration filings was handled with precision and care.

Navigating immigration procedures can be daunting, but Pankaj and her team made the entire experience smooth and stress-free. Their in-depth knowledge of immigration laws and regulations was evident, and they guided me through the complexities with ease.

What truly sets Pankaj and her firm apart is their genuine commitment to their clients’ success. They go above and beyond to understand your unique situation and tailor their services accordingly. This personalized approach made me feel valued and confident in their abilities.

We are forever grateful for the support!” Immigration Client 2023

“Pankaj Malik has been representing me for more than three years in a highly contentious divorce case. Miss Malik was able to use her experience and expertise in real estate law, immigration law, and matrimonial law to effectively defend me against my ex-wife’s false accusations. Miss Malik’s thorough knowledge of case law and her stellar reputation among judges and court attorneys brought credibility to her arguments and to my position. Miss Malik worked to ensure my goals for the case were met, a satisfactory resolution achieved, often advising and advocating for my family in a way that felt personal.” Matrimonial and child custody client

Ms. Malik has successfully represented me through a very complicated immigration matter with such professionalism, thoroughness and diligence. At every turn, Ms. Malik’s mastery of immigration law was evident as she maneuvered through the many challenges I faced.   Thankfully, she has defended my request for stay successfully and I am excited about my first international trip. I am so happy for her representation, and I would recommend Ms. Malik without hesitation.” Immigration client, Deportation & Removal; Family Immigration; Immigration relief for criminal litigants; Deferred Action; 212c Eligibility