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Experienced Legal Counsel For Commercial Litigation And Business Conflicts

Any business owner will tell you that part of doing business will always include navigating conflicts of some kind. When those conflicts arise to a level that requires a commercial lawyer, tough negotiator or aggressive litigator, the attorneys at PM Law PC can help. From their office in New York City, they advise clients throughout the state facing commercial conflicts towards resolution, providing corporations and business entities with experienced representation and zealous advocacy.

Representing Business Owners And Corporate Entities

With decades of combined experience, they understand business owners and their financial needs. The firm helps business clients with the following:

  • Drafting corporate documents, Operating agreements, Joint Venture agreements, etc.
  • Drafting Employee handbooks, policies and advising businesses on compliance with employment laws
  • Drafting terms and conditions for websites and contracts
  • Negotiating mergers and acquisitions and managing the correlating transactions
  • Resolving partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Holding nonperforming partners accountable
  • Litigating claims when a fiduciary duty has been breached
  • Settling board of director disputes
  • Drafting appropriate contracts and agreements and enforcing contract performance
  • Representing nonprofit organizations and religious organizations
  • Facilitating corporate dissolutions
  • Facilitating minority and women-owned business certifications
  • Finding unique sources of funding large scale business projects
  • Negotiating complex and high dollar business transactions, leasing and refinancing
  • Negotiating with Commercial Lenders to reach novel solutions to loan defaults and commercial foreclosures
  • Representing businesses and corporate creditors and debtors in Bankruptcy matters and litigation

When a member of an organization is acting in a way that opposes the company’s best interests, or if your company or one of your vendors is in financial trouble, time is of the essence. The attorneys have successfully petitioned the court for injunctions to prevent unlawful and prohibited actions, such as illegitimate elections, on behalf of organizations.

They are also well-versed in state and federal tax laws, and always work to keep an eye on the tax benefits and consequences of various transactions on behalf of clients.

Commercial Assets And Real Estate

As commercial real estate attorneys, they can also advise and counsel a business or corporate entity on all aspects of their commercial real estate and property needs. From overseeing leasing agreements or conflicts to assisting with the purchase or development of a property, they have the experience to counsel business clients throughout their real estate transactional and litigation needs.

Schedule A Consultation With A New York Commercial Litigator

The attorneys are available for an initial case assessment and consultation by appointment only. To get on their schedule, contact the office by sending an inquiry through the website, or call the firm directly at 888-657-5755. They look forward to listening to your case and understanding your legal goals. During this appointment, they can answer any of your questions and tell you more about what they would propose as a legal strategy for your case.