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Knowledgeable New York Tax Lawyers

When it comes to tax laws, you need your lawyer to be attuned to the constantly changing laws and regulations and always be thinking about the big picture. At PM Law PC the firm’s client base has grown primarily through peer and client referrals. Our attorneys are trusted legal advocates who keeps an eye on client’s overall goals. The firm offers a wide range of complex legal services, including tax law support.

A Well-Rounded Tax Attorney For Complex Legal Matters

Many of the cases that the firm handles are complex and involve high stakes or potential risks to clients. Throughout the firm’s representation and advocacy, our attorney’s wide range of experience serves clients well both in the short term and looking to long-range goals. For example:

  • In a high-asset divorce, the firm’s knowledge and experience with tax laws and regulations helps anticipate and minimize potential consequences and tax risks to clients during settlement negotiations.
  • In real estate transactional matters, our attorneys will anticipate the potential tax consequences of complex transactions and offer strategies to reduce tax risks.
  • In complex corporate mergers and acquisitions, the firm will offer a complete assessment of any potential tax risks and structure negotiations on reducing the tax consequences on behalf of clients.

Having to answer to the IRS can be intimidating and tax laws can be unforgiving. Our attorneys provide counsel and assistance for corporate and individual clients with tax audits, tax compliance matters and Offers in Compromise. We have assisted many clients in reducing their tax debts in correlation with their income and assets.  They advocate on client’s behalf and represent and defend clients in tax court proceedings if and when it becomes necessary.

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The firm offers in-person and virtual appointments. To schedule an initial consultation, you can send an inquiry through this contact page or call the office directly at 888-657-5755.