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In high net worth and high conflict divorce cases, an experienced commercial litigator can be an invaluable advocate for everything from evaluating assets and property to calculating net worth for child support and maintenance. Miss Malik’s experience in real estate and commercial litigation gives her divorce clients an edge because of her ability to analyze bank and financial records and real estate closing transaction documents to locate hidden assets without having to hire costly experts. Anyone who has gone through a divorce that involved multiple assets, business and real estate will tell you that the income and net worth calculations matter. At PM Law PC our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience providing counsel and advising clients navigating divorce and matrimonial legal conflicts.

Unique Financial Evaluation Challenges For High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorce and matrimonial conflicts tend to have a higher level of complexity. Because of the number of assets and wealth that need to be discovered, evaluated and divided, these cases often require financial experts and an attorney with an eye to discern and evaluate financial transactions geared to obscure net worth. Miss Malik’s experience as a corporate, commercial and real estate litigator and real estate lawyer, makes her your secret weapon in these types of divorces.

High net worth matrimonial cases also tend to involve heightened levels of conflict. As tough negotiators, our attorneys will fiercely advocate on behalf of clients during settlement negotiations or in court if it becomes necessary.

Providing Financial Guidance Through All Aspects Of Divorce

A couple’s finances repeatedly come into play throughout a divorce. Accurately assessing the marital wealth can greatly impact the course of a divorce. Our firm assists clients with:

Additionally, our attorneys assist and advise spouses on prenuptial agreements prior to entering into marriage. If the marriage has already taken place, you can still enter into a postnuptial agreement. Either of these agreements will help protect your financial interests and wealth prior to a divorce, dissolution or death.

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