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Experienced New York Bankruptcy Lawyers

The attorneys at PM Law PC in New York City provide clients throughout the state with a wide range of bankruptcy services. We provide representation to select Bankruptcy Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 Debtors.  If you are an individual or a business and you are contemplating bankruptcy, they can help you assess your financial situation and determine if a bankruptcy filing is right for you.

Chapter 11: Filing For Bankruptcy As A Business Or Individual

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing allows a company to restructure their existing debts. The goal of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is to provide a struggling business to make a fresh start, by reorganizing its debt obligations and financials. In most cases, a company that is in the process of reorganizing under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can remain open and in operation during the bankruptcy court proceeding. In addition, if you are an individual with debts in excess of the Chapter 13 threshold, you may have to file under Chapter 11, if no other alternative is viable.

Chapter 13: Filing For Bankruptcy As An Individual

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding allows you to pay back your creditors by establishing a structured repayment plan and in many situations can help you save your home from foreclosure. However, Debtors must be aware that as soon as you file, monthly payments towards your debts and Chapter 13 Trustee fees must be made. You must have regular income to be eligible to file for protection under Chapter 13. At PM Law PC, our attorneys are able to analyze your debts, assets and income and advise whether Chapter 13 is the right choice for your situation.

The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in financing, banking and commercial law, and can help you evaluate your financial situation to determine if you are a candidate for bankruptcy. They can also discuss with you any possible tax consequences and advocate on your behalf in bankruptcy court. If your financial situation includes a potential foreclosure action, the firm also provides foreclosure defense for clients in New York.

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The attorneys are available for in-person or virtual appointments. During an initial consultation, they can get a better idea of your financial circumstances and assess if bankruptcy is a worthwhile option to consider. To schedule a consultation, you can contact the firm by sending an email or call the office at 888-657-5755.

This law firm is a debt relief agency. It helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.