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New York High-Asset Divorce Requires An Attorney With An Eye For Financials

The more assets and wealth that are involved in a divorce, the more complex the issues can become and the more contentious the property division in a divorce can become. At  PM Law PC our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience assisting clients throughout New York City with complex financial legal conflicts.

New York Property Division For High Net Worth Divorce

In the state of New York, divorce laws require that a divorcing couple’s marital property be divided fairly and equitably. Marital property includes any assets and wealth that were acquired over the course of the couple’s marriage but does not include inheritance wealth or gifts. A fair distribution of these assets does not necessarily mean that each is divided in half. Rather, the total value of the assets and wealth will be distributed between the spouses.

The Importance Of Asset Valuation In High-Asset Divorce

Before assets and wealth can be distributed, they have to be identified. In high net worth divorce cases, identifying assets can be quite complex. For example, any business assets that were created during the course of the marriage will be considered marital property and need to be evaluated. Our firm’s experience in complex financial matters means we have an eye for identifying obscure marital assets and following financial trails to find attempts at hidden wealth. Our attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing separate property claims and the effects of comingling of assets, advocating for business evaluations, and multijurisdictional asset location and identification to discover out-of-state assets and wealth. The valuation of assets and wealth likewise become important factors in determining child support obligations.

Divorces that involve a great deal of assets and wealth can become quite contentious. Having an attorney who has extensive experience in corporate and commercial litigation and real estate and financial conflicts and who is a tough negotiator and an aggressive litigator is a valuable asset to have on your side.

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