Photo of attorneys and staff at PM Law PC
Photo of attorneys and staff at PM Law PC

Put Experience And Innovation To Work For You

Trusted And Aggressive Immigration Lawyers

Our attorneys are litigators and lawyers who offer counsel and legal advice in a wide range of practice areas. With decades of combined experience, they are trusted and aggressive advocates who are committed to helping our clients achieve their legal goals, no matter what their cases or legal issues might involve. At PM Law PC our firm’s goal is to take clients’ stories, apply our knowledge of the law and build a winning strategy. From our office in New York City, we serve clients throughout the state.

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Our Legal Practice Areas

Our attorneys have a wide range of experience and assist clients in several different practice areas, such as:

  • Divorce and child custody: Including high net worth matrimonial litigation, asset and wealth assessments for equitable property distribution, and business or real estate valuations
  • Real estate litigation: Including Constructive Trust actions, property and title disputes, boundary disputes and conflicts related to buying, selling and leasing property
  • Commercial and business representation and litigation: Including complex business sales, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder disputes, Corporate Dissolutions, Commercial Leasing review, drafting and negotiations, Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes and breach of contract cases
  • Foreclosure litigation and defense: Including the challenging of banks and mortgage companies for their lending practices, improper foreclosure prosecution, failure to follow foreclosure statutes, applicability and litigation surrounding FAPA (“The Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act”)
  • Immigration and naturalization: Family and Business Immigration, including visa petitions, assistance with lawful permanent residency status or green cards, Waivers, SIJ and VAWA cases; and deportation defense at removal hearings

A good deal of legal cases and issues reach settlements prior to reaching a courtroom. Our attorneys are successful litigators and also effective negotiators. Our clients know that our attorneys have the experience to protect their rights and fight on their behalf whether sitting next to them at a conference table for settlement negotiations or in a courtroom before a judge.

Each Client Has A Unique Story

With every single client, our attorneys will listen to reach a thorough understanding of their history and story. After an in-depth conversation, each client can expect an honest and weighted evaluation of their case. If our attorneys believe that they can help clients achieve their desired legal goals and outcome, they will provide a clear and detailed road map setting forth the legal strategy that will help them get there.

Our clients know that we are available, responsive to their questions and easy to reach. They can contact our attorneys by text or phone for answers and reassurance. Our attorneys know and understand that navigating a legal matter is stressful in the best of circumstances and want our clients to know that they the time necessary for every client and case. Our attorneys not only speak on their behalf to give them a voice when they need one, but also go above and beyond by listening to clients’ questions and concerns.

Schedule An Initial Consultation

Our attorneys are available by appointment only. To schedule an initial consultation, you can send an inquiry through the website or call the office at 888-657-5755. Our attorneys look forward to hearing your story and telling you more about how their experience can help with your legal challenge.