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Recent Cases

  1. A closely held corporate restaurant client recently had to defend a dissolution proceeding from a member of the LLC owner entity. Miss Malik was able to defend the suit, countersue for damages and breaches of fiduciary duty and successfully negotiated a favorable buyout so the client could retain his business and remove the breaching member/partner. The case was litigated in Supreme Court, Commercial Division and involved commercial litigation, Injunctive relief, drafting of acquisition agreements and negotiating terms, settlement and appropriate releases.
  1. Miss Malik recently successfully defended a corporate restaurant client against a Federal Court FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) lawsuit seeking damages for wage and hour violations, legal fees and discrimination. Miss Malik was able to represent the client in federal court and have the case referred to ADR Mediation. Her team was able to establish cash payment and tip credits to offset wage and overtime claims and negotiate a favorable settlement for the client through mediation. The case was resolved and settled within six months.
  1. A green card holder/immigration client was detained and arrested by ICE and placed into Deportation and Removal proceedings based upon a thirty-year-old conviction. Based upon multiple motions, legal briefs, research and court appearances Miss Malik was able to secure the clients release on bond and obtain a favorable ruling that the client’s historic criminal conviction was not an Aggravated Felony and that he was statutorily eligible for relief under Section 212c – the prior less stringent form of relief also known as suspension of deportation. After establishing a voluminous record of evidence which surpassed 10000 pages, Miss Malik was able to secure a granting of relief and the client’s green card status was restored. Miss Malik represented the client through an arduous eight-year battle through the Immigration courts and federal courts.
  1. Miss Malik recently represented a parent who had lost custody and visitation due to claimed violations of a judgement of divorce and child custody agreement. The case involved highly complex and intricate facts that were unique in that the parties were part of an ultra-conservative religious Jewish group, and the other parent was an extremely connected and highly influential leader of the community. Using subpoena power, multiple Orders to Show Cause, motions for injunctive relief, Appellate Division filings, hearings that involved multiple days of testimony, Miss Malik was able to negotiate and obtain a happy resolution for the client and restored the parents’ access.
  1. Miss Malik recently took on a highly contested matrimonial matter where her client had lost custody of his children, and millions of dollars in marital assets. Through focused, strategic and highly sophisticated use of subpoena power, thorough review and analysis of thousands of pages of records, bank statements, wire receipts, PayPal and Zelle accounts, closing documents and records from multiple states, Miss Malik as able to trace millions of dollars diverted from the marital estate by the other spouse. Miss Malik was able to enjoin the sale and displacement of her client from the marital residence at the State Supreme Court and the Appellate Division.
  1. A successful real estate developer hired Miss Malik as his multimillion-dollar project was in imminent danger of foreclosure due to multiple and egregious breaches by a defaulting shareholder of their Joint Venture Agreement and the Operating Agreements. Through skillful and expert representation that included negotiations, drafting, commercial litigation filings in State Supreme Court, Miss Malik was able to have the project sold, paying off the lenders, saving the property from foreclosure and mitigating losses for the client. Miss Malik, herself, represented the client throughout the Contract to Closing process, the negotiations with the Lender and in Supreme Court against the breaching partner.
  1. Miss Malik successfully represented a major NYC digital media marketing executive in the merger and acquisition of the company and was able, through her negotiation and drafting skills, bring the deal to closing.
  1. Miss Malik represented a homeowner client against Deutsche Bank and obtained a dismissal of a foreclosure proceeding against their home, and then successfully won a quiet title action and obtained a discharge of the mortgage from the client’s home. The case was litigated in Nassau Supreme Court and the Appellate Division.
  1. Miss Malik was able to obtain dismissals of foreclosure proceedings against multiple clients in Queens County, New York County, Nassau and Suffolk County against multiple banks that dealt with a myriad of issues including, but not limited to acceleration; pre foreclosure notices; lack of service; standing; statute of limitations; FAPA (The Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act) applicability; the Savings Statue; and neglect to prosecute. These cases involved motions, Orders to Show Cause filings, injunctive relief applications, oral arguments, traverse hearings at the state court and appeals, motions, applications for stay and oral arguments at the Appellate Courts.
  1. Miss Malik successfully represented individual and corporate debtors in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings and was able to secure confirmations of plans to allow them to reorganize and restructure debt and retain assets.
  1. Miss Malik recently represented a Special Immigrant Juvenile (“SIJ”) client and obtained an order granting guardianship to his mother in Family Court and obtained an approval from USCIS for SIJ status.
  1. Miss Malik recently represented a business owner of 20+ retail franchise stores in a multimillion-dollar Mergers and Acquisition transaction involving the sale of all the assets of the businesses, assignments and assumptions of all the leases and compliance with complex franchise requirements. The deal took over 12 months from Letter of Intent, through due diligence periods, contract, closing and post-closing work.
  1. A client recently hired Miss Malik when he discovered his home was about to be auctioned at a foreclosure sale by the Bank that held a home equity loan against the property. Miss Malik was able to stop the sale and have a traverse hearing ordered. At the Traverse hearing, before a referee, Miss Malik presented multiple witnesses and documentary evidence that proved that her client had not been served the foreclosure summons and complaint. Despite this the Referee sustained service. Miss Malik immediately filed a challenge to the Referees report and the Supreme Court Judge agreed with her position and rejected the report.
  1. Miss Malik was recently able to stop the foreclosure sale of a house based upon a showing that the bank closed a residential mortgage through fraud and recorded commercial mortgage documents to secure their lien, and fraudulently disbursed proceeds to non-existing entities at the closing.
  1. In a recent deportation and removal case, Miss Malik was able to secure a ruling that the client’s crimes were not an ‘Aggravated Felony’ under Third Circuit law, and after a complex competency hearing, that the Alien was not mentally competent and deserved all accommodations available under the law during his immigration case.
  1. Miss Malik represented a prominent dental practice client and obtained a dismissal of a Wage and Hour lawsuit against the practice that alleged failure to pay wages, overtime and claimed discrimination.
  1. Miss Malik recently represented a minority woman owned business and assisted the client is becoming certified as MWBE.
  1. During the pandemic, Miss Malik represented over 100 small businesses and assisted them in obtaining over 50 million dollars in funding through multiple programs, including, but not limited to PPP, EIDL, NYC grants, Empire State Development, NY Forward Loans, etc.