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How to make the kids’ vacations easier after divorce

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law

Vacations, like so many other things, will be different after a divorce. You will no longer be traveling with your co-parent and that could be strange for everyone at first. You will have a lot of extra work on your hands, being in sole charge of tasks you once split. Your kids won’t get to see their other parent for the whole time you are away and your co-parent won’t get to see the kids. 

Yet in many ways, vacations will be the same. You will need to consult with the other parent about dates and get their agreement if you wish to book a trip away. But you would have done that when you were still married. 

You will need their written authorization if you wish to take the kids out of the country without them. But parents who are married also need this when just one of them wishes to go overseas with the kids.

The big difference is they might be more likely to refuse

If your divorce was fractious, your co-parent may be reluctant to allow you to take the kids away, especially if it is during their scheduled parenting slot. And, if you go ahead without their permission, you could quickly see the court come down on you for breaching your custody agreement.

Your children deserve vacations, as do you and as does your ex. Being flexible and accommodating with each other so that you can each take the children away is in your best interests and your children’s best interests.

Discussing how you will handle vacations when negotiating your divorce can pave the way for future holiday happiness.