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How does a green card benefit you?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | IMMIGRATION & NATURALIZATION - Immigration

America can provide immigrants with new work and living conditions. The main intent for many immigrants is to come to the United States to give their children better opportunities. Immigrants can become legal citizens in the U.S. However, the process can take several years.

A major part of the immigration process is getting a green card. A green card is obtained after a visa. While a visa can provide immigrants with temporary living and work opportunities, a green card can provide permanent residency. A green card can allow an immigrant to pursue citizenship. There are a few methods to obtain a green card. Here’s what you should know: 

3 ways to get a green card

Green card applications work differently depending on whether an immigrant is applying from within or outside the U.S. Here are a few ways immigrants can apply for green cards:

  • Family sponsor: A family member who already lives in the States as a legal citizen may sponsor a relative for a green card. This family member may have gone through the immigration process themselves or been born in the U.S. To be a sponsor, this family member must also provide supporting documents showing that they can financially support an immigrant. 
  • Spouse sponsor: An immigrant may marry a U.S. citizen. The spouse can sponsor the immigrant. However, an interview must be conducted to prove that the marriage is genuine and that the spouse can financially support an immigrant, much like a family sponsor.
  • Green card lottery: Every year, 50,000 immigrants are awarded a green card through a Green Card lottery

The immigration process can be confusing and complicated. It can help to learn about your legal rights as you seek immigration or help those who immigrate to the United States.